Eleanor Yeung-身兼時裝傳媒人及fashion stylist,曾於國際時尚雜誌ELLE和本地創作Zip任職時裝編輯,現在以自由身遊走於時裝圈。 除了為Harper’s Bazaar、Cosmopolitan和ELLE等時尚雜誌撰稿及炮製時尚特集外,同時更為不同類別廣告客戶提供形象設計及美術指導等工作,現正於網上世界分享個人的時尚體驗,齊來享受生活。


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Eleanor

    I admire your sense of fashion. I’m fresh in the big city. Fashion stylist is what I want to be in the coming days. Even though there are different ways to get into fashion career, I cannot make up my mind. For example, Studying in the fashion school, get a job in the fashion career or set up a blog etc.

    Your blog shares your fabulous life. Perhaps it is totally the truth as what I see on your blog. I fully understand you have been hard-working till now. Please give some advice, no matter it is appropriate or not. I would love to take more advice from the hard-working people in this field.

    Thanks a lot!

    Yours sincerely
    A gal chasing her fashion dream

    • Hello, Thanks for your support! Great to hear that you would like to get into the fashion industry and I hope you will be very successful on one day in the near future.
      Before giving you the advise, I would prefer you tell me about yourself & your mission. Please feel free to email me 🙂



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